Our Philosophy

Although we are attorneys, you’ll actually understand us when we talk to you about how the law affects your company. Our goal is to provide you with focused and coherent legal advice. Abstract legal principles and complicated statutes do little to help your business unless they are reduced to practical advice that you can use to help your company. We strive to answer your questions as succinctly as possible.

Technology law changes rapidly so we keep ahead of developments that can affect your business. This allows you to focus your time and energy doing what you do best: Running your company. While innovation is an important part of technology, it is not unique to technology. It applies to your legal advisors too. Innovation means your company has options. We find a way to make things work, stay flexible, think creatively, and don’t follow the herd.

While you focus on the bottom line, we stay proactive in our approach. We avoid the escalation of legal costs and always work with you to explain your choices in advance. We anticipate and correct problems before they become expensive, lengthy legal battles that drain your time and resources.

When litigation is unavoidable, we fight for you from start to finish. Your needs come first no matter how big or small your company is. Unlike a large law firm that focuses most of its efforts on its largest clients, all of our clients are equally important to us. Indeed, the entrepreneur working in his garage today may be the industry leader of tomorrow. Whether you are a small company just starting out or an established company that requires attentive and cost-effective legal analysis, we can meet your needs.

high-technology handshakePutting our clients’ needs first also means being honest and up-front at the outset. If we do not practice in an area of the law that you need, we are happy to refer you to an attorney who may be able to better help you. We view you as a client with a problem to be solved and not as an asset to be billed and exploited. We find solutions as quickly as possible and will not spend any more time on your matter than necessary. We understand that “time is money” and that you are hiring a lawyer to solve a problem, not make it worse and to bill you as much as possible.

While the Internet has given companies easy access to any number of attorneys, building relationships has and will always be our main focus. We realize that in this age of diminishing customer loyalty, our long term success is built upon relationships of trust with valued clients such as you. We know that you have many choices for legal services in Massachusetts. We will provide you with quality and cost-effective representation. Contact us.

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